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Meet our Ambassadors: Costa Rica, part II

In the previous Ambassador blog post, we got to know one of GameBook’s Ambassadors in Costa Rica, Juan Pablo. This time we’ll meet another #GBambassador from Costa Rica, Agustin.

Agustin has been playing golf for about 13 years because a couple of his good friends inspired him to begin the sport. Ironically, they don’t golf anymore, but Agustin has become an extremely active golfer. He’s been a GameBook user for the past four years and has played 610 rounds with GameBook.

Agustin has been golfing for the past 13 years.

Before starting golf, Agustin used to play almost every sport, but he mainly focused on football (soccer). During the months of September and October, Costa Rica experiences high amounts of rainfall, so one Saturday morning 13 years ago, Agustin’s football practice got canceled due to heavy rain.

That’s when my friends and I decided to go and play a round of golf at a new course in town. That day I shot 79 on my first time playing golf ever, amazing right? Well haha, that was actually 79 shots during the first 9 holes 😉 I could not believe that the game was so tough and challenging. So from that day on I got the golf virus.

In addition to golf, Agustin’s hobbies include reading and traveling with his family. Most of the time he golfs with his family and friends. He is part of the same golf group as Ambassador Juan Pablo. The group always has a fantastic time on the golf course together.

Agustin loves to golf with his family.

Agustin’s idols in golf are his family members. His wife plays with an eight handicap and his 13 year-old son golfs with a six handicap. They have a very happy golf family.

In 10 years, we will be playing as a foursome, with our little boy as the fourth member of the flight. Nicolas is only 2 years old at the moment.

Several years ago Agustin made a hole-in-one. Even though that’s already an amazing highlight, there’s a slight romantic twist to this story. During the time of the hole-in-one, Agustin had his eyes on a golfer lady that he liked very much. They didn’t know each other very well yet, but they were friends on Facebook.

So I messaged her through Facebook with the great news. She had been a golfer her whole life but had not managed to make a hole-in-one herself. She responded to my message rather sarcastically: “You’re very lucky, it’s unbelievable!”

Agustin asked her out on a date and many years later, Agustin ended up proposing to her on the golf course. The ring was inside a golf ball and the golf ball was on the green with the following text on it: “Marry me?”. She looked at the golf ball slightly confused, started crying and said YES! Our Ambassadors from Costa Rica are very romantic 😉 Ambassador Juan Pablo also proposed to his wife on the golf course.

Thanks to golf I have a beautiful wife and a great family with 2 children!

Agustin proposed to his wife on the golf course.

Agustin’s favorite golf courses are Punta Espada, Pebble Beach and the Four Seasons in Costa Rica. He justifies it by saying that all of these courses are in great condition and have amazing views. He still has a few golf courses on his Bucket List, including Augusta National, The Old Course at St Andrews and TPC Sawgrass. If Agustin could golf with any three people in the world, they would be Tiger, Spieth and Rory.

Agustin aims to play under 75 shots on every round from the tips. His best score has been 69 and he has scored it twice. In his golf bag, Agustin carries Ping irons, a Taylor Made driver and Rescue hybrid (19 degrees), Nike CPR hybrid (21 degree, that is about 10 years old, but still almost half of his shots are with that golf club), Vokey wedge (56 degree) and the Odyssey Mallet putter. Surprisingly, his favorite golf club is the Nike CPR hybrid. His son, Felipe always makes fun of the club, because it’s really old and the red paint has already worn off.

My friend, Paul Chaplet (LAAC 2016 Champion and Masters amateur player in 2016) has offered to re-paint it red 😉

Before we end this blog post, we still want to hear one more of Agustin’s stories from his life as a golfer. Here’s a funny story that would be hilarious to see on video. He was playing in a tournament where they had golf carts. He was driving the golf cart and did not notice a greenside bunker about 1.5 meters deep. Suddenly, he went flying right into the bunker, Monster Truck style! The cart got stuck when they were trying to get it out of the bunker. It was an accident and luckily nobody got hurt.

Agustin and his golf buddies trying to save the situation.


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