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Meet #GBambassador Hans

We want to introduce you to #GBambassador Hans from Göteborg. Hans is a member at Albatross GK, where we filmed our latest video of the match between our Göteborg and Stockholm Ambassadors. He has played 871 rounds with GameBook on 68 different courses.

When did you begin golf, and who inspired you to begin the sport?

I was inspired by my children to begin golf in the year 2000 at the age of 35.

My children asked if we have golf clubs at home and when I grabbed the club, it felt like it was immediately glued to my hands. After that, my life has changed 😀

You just know that you are hooked on golf when you want to play golf again after a bad round, because you know that you can do better.

How long have you been a GameBook user?

I have been using the app since 2011 when I heard about it from my friend.

We tried several apps at the time, but GB was absolutely the fastest and easiest to work with. It´s important that the electronic devices do not slow down the pace of play.

I think that GameBook is the only one that you can use to track the score of all 4 players from green-to-tee, and be totally ready to make the next shot without any delays. Well, actually the game format Erado makes people think a lot 😉

What’s your favorite feature about the app?

I enjoy using the app for multi-group games. It makes the regular four-ball easily a match between 2 or more groups.

It’s also nice that the app stores my golf history. Always fun to bring up some memories and pictures of my golf rounds.

Who do you mainly golf with?

I play a lot of golf with different people. I mainly golf with my wife Marie-Louise and my good friend Lennart Wangerås.

Hans and his wife Marie-Louise play a lot of golf together.

Who are your idols in golf? And who would be in your dream golf group?

My idols in golf are those top pro players that week after week play golf on such a high level. One mistake and they are gone… that’s cruel.

My golf idol is Phil Mickelson… he seems like a nice guy.

My dream golf flight would include Miguel Ángel Jiménez (just love him), Henrik Stenson (I´m Swedish!) and Seve Ballesteros (the legend).

What is your goal in golf?

I have already achieved several of my goals in golf. First of all, I aimed to become a single-handicap player. And second, I of course aimed to play and compete as much as possible.

One of the biggest goals that I have achieved has been as a leader for the junior team. It’s been wonderful to see many of the juniors that I have mentored in the golf world from a young age continue to play. We have built friendships that will remain important for the rest of our lives. And the best thing is that they still want to sometimes play with an old guy like me 😉

My future goal is to become an ordinary player on the swedish amatuer senior tour H50.

What’s your absolute favorite golf course? And what’s on your bucket list?

I have golfed around the world on great courses in Spain, Turkey, England, Ireland, Denmark, Scotland and Germany. Regardless, the one that took my breath away was Bro Hof in Sweden.

The first time I played there was right after Nordea Masters and the shape of the course was absolutely world-class. On our way to our hotel we just went out to check the course before playing it the day after. On the fairway of the opening hole I told my wife that I don’t need a hotel, I can sleep here, right on the fairway… it was so lovely.

I also have to add that my home club Albatross GK is very good and I have a big heart for that course.

I still have one particular golf course on my bucket list… St Andrews, Old Course. I have been there but I did not have the chance to play. I lay my hand on the clubhouse, and I think I felt God himself ?

What’s in your bag? And what are your favorite golf clubs?

I have a Callaway driver and fairway woods. My irons are Titleist AP2 and my wedges are also Titleist. My putter is a Scotty Cameron. All 14 golf clubs are my favorites 😀 But the driver often keeps me happily on the fairway. I also love my Scotty putter.

Do you have a particular story to share with us from your golf experiences?

I have so many fun stories from golf. If you have time, I could spend a week or two telling all about the good times that I have had on the golf course.

Now, I would like to tell you 2 stories about HIOs.

The first one is my own.

It was Matchplay series at Lycke GCC and I played against Andreas Johansson and he was so good, so so good with his irons and I was down by 4 after 13. Then came a Par 3 (188 meters) and I made a HIO. I lost the game, but I was the happiest looser that you can imagine 😀

And now to story number 2:

It was day 1 and round 2 of the Club Championship at Albatross GK.

It was a really warm day and I was quite tired on the 14th hole. Then I saw my son, Philip, coming towards me running (yes running) from the 18th fairway over the 15th fairway all the way to the 14th. He was carrying his bag (I have a trolley and I was the one that was tired) and he told me

Dad, you’re going to have a bill at the restaurant, I made a HIO on the 10th!

Then he simply ran back to the 18th and finished his round. And yes, when I arrived at the club house, there was a 500kr bill in the restaurant for me, along with an empty bottle 😀

Hans’ son Philip also actively plays golf.

– Susanna

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