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Golf GameBook’s Year in Review 2017

2017 has been a very eventful year for Golf GameBook. Our community has grown around the world and we thank you for that!

We could keep describing how exciting our year has been, but instead we would like to present it in a slightly more colorful way…



Can you guess the amount of countries where GameBook has been used this year? Well, the answer is 192. So GameBook has literally been used around the world, in the most exotic places! We actually wrote a blog series about Bucket Lists in different parts of the world, including Iceland, Hawai’i, Canada, South-East Asia, Dubai, Georgia USA and Australia.


Total distance

GameBook golfers (aka. GameBookers) have been walking on golf courses around the world, and to be precise, the total distance that GameBook users have golfed this year equals 11 789 176 km, which is 294 times around the world! Now that’s impressive!


Total calories

GameBookers have been extremely active this year (and sporty as well). During the rounds played in 2017, GameBookers burned over 2 billion kcal while playing golf! That is equal to nearly 2 million Big Mac meals 😀


Most active country

Now it’s time to reveal the most active GameBook country in the world. And the winner is… Sweden! Every fifth golfer in Sweden is using GameBook during their golf rounds. Well done Sweden, keep it up!


Most active month

The most active month during 2017 was July (surprise)! The amount of time that GameBook golfers spent on the golf course in July was 1 320 030 hours, which equals 150 years, the age of Canada 😀


Highlights of the year

And now for some scoring stats!

GameBookers made a total of 1686 hole-in-ones (were any of them yours?), 664 833 birdies, 17 933 eagles, 474 albatrosses, 4 957 075 pars, 5 903 890 bogeys and 3 112 868 double bogeys!

The average score this year was 91 shots (one shot less than in 2015) 😉 and the average handicap was 17,4 (compared to 18,3 in 2015). You’ve obviously been improving your game during the past few years! To see your personal stats, log in to the GameBook app and if you want to collect even more stats, subscribe to the Gold membership.


We want to wish happy holidays to you and all the best for the year to come! ❤️

– GameBook team

@GolfGameBook on Twitter


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