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More Game to the game of golf


Spring is finally here and for us golfers that means one thing. Child-like excitement! Am I right?

Depending on where you live, you might have hit the courses already by now, but for some of us, we’re still waiting for fairways and greens to turn deliciously green and juicy. You know what I mean right, that scent…fresh-cut grass on a misty summer morning. 

Speaking of excitement, we have some BIG, EXCITING news to share with you. 

Instead of watching the snow melt here at the headquarters in Finland, we’ve kept ourselves really busy working on some stuff we’re extremely proud of, and something we believe you will LOVE

This week, we’re launching a BRAND NEW version of Golf GameBook, and we’re inviting you to try it out, free of charge!


But why would you use Golf GameBook in the first place?

And why would you want to use our brand new version 9.0 (and in particular the Gold Membership)? Well, I am sure you agree golf is already the greatest game on Earth, right? But what if you could make it EVEN better? 

We’re on a mission to bring More Game to the game of golf. 

Let me explain what I mean:

What if the game could extend BEYOND the course, beyond the physical world into the virtual world, combining the two worlds to give you more fun, more excitement…more game?

What if golf was no longer only about either playing or watching, but about being part of an amplified, multi-sensorial, all-year experience?

What if you were part of a global community of golfers around the world who come together and learn, share, and have fun, on and off the course?

And what if you could add a virtual gaming experience to your physical experience?

These are some of the questions and ideas that excite us, drive us, and that keep us busy. 

Sharing what all of this means now and in the future would take about nine holes of golf, but let me share a few things we know will bring you More Game with the Gold Membership in the new 9.0 release.


More Game inside the Game

From wagers to skins, to adding game to solo rounds, we’re making it more fun, easier to make progress by adding new ways to measure your progress, check your stats and check in on your friends, both while you are playing, and between rounds. 

More Social

Never miss a moment worth remembering again. Keep all your memories in your app, share them with friends through the social feed, chat with friends, find new golf buddies, compare stats, and much more. Every round is a story, and every story is worth capturing. 

More Game Off-Course

Sometimes we cannot get to the course, but now you don’t have to miss out on the action and the fun because of that. Check in while your buddies are playing, comment and be part of the action, even remotely. How about having drinks on the terrace and following your buddies battle it out on the final 9 holes? 

More To Come…

Driven by our new brand idea of ”More Game”, we’re working on many new cool things that we’ll be rolling out over the coming months and years, so stay tuned. We want to provide you with the greatest golf community and experience on Earth. Why aim any lower, right?

These, and many more benefits and features await you inside the Gold Membership.

So, if you want in on the fun, all you have to do is to open the Golf GameBook application and give our brand new 9.0 version a FREE TEST DRIVE!

Spend a few minutes looking around, or take it for a taste drive on the course, and I am sure you’ll agree it will be worth a ton more than the modest price of a cup of coffee every month…

With the help of photographer Jacob Sjöman, we’ve even added some new amazing pictures for you to choose from as you design your personal clubhouse to look and feel just right for you. 

Oh, and if you like the new app, we’d love to hear about it. You can start by giving us a (5-star) app rating 😉 

Thank you so much for being a part of our amazing, growing community of golfers from all around the world.

Wishing you More Game, 

Mikko Manerus

Founder & CEO 





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  1. Pekka Leskinen sanoo:

    Noin viikko sitten GameBookkini päivittyi varmaankin tuohon 9.0 versioon. En voi tai osaa katsoa mistään version nummeroa.
    Pitääkö nyt vielä tehdä jotain? Olen gold-käyttäjä jo muutaman vuoden ja suht tyytyväinen.

    • Juho Mahosenaho sanoo:

      Moikka Pekka! Sovelluksen versio löytyy Asetukset-sivun alalaidasta sovelluksesta. Todennäköisesti sinun ei tarvitse tehdä mitään, sovellus myös päivittyy itsestään appstoreista automaattisesti suhteellisen nopeasti uuden version tullessa ulos.

  2. Oona Hyppönen sanoo:

    Moikka! Olethan asiakaspalveluumme yhteydessä, niin autamme asian kanssa: support@golfgamebook.com

  3. ilkka vuorenmaa sanoo:



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