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New Year’s Resolutions of a GameBook golfer

It’s the beginning of a new year and once again time to become a better man or woman. That means time for new year’s resolutions. Here is a list of the resolutions every golfer should make and how GameBook can help you keep them. And finally, there’s one resolution we would like to make.

I will become a better golfer

This is probably something that 99% of golfers promise themselves at the beginning of each year. Or at least what they wish would happen during the upcoming golf season. I mean who wouldn’t want to be better?

When using GameBook you can actually follow your own progress. Or notice the lack of it and take action. GameBook collects and stores stats and results from your rounds allowing you to see which way you are headed. You can go back and relive the best moments and it won’t let you forget the worst ones making sure you’ll learn from your mistakes. You can also compare your stats with your friends and make sure that you will not only become a better golfer than you used to be but also better than your closest competition.

I will be more social and support my friends

Being social and keeping in touch with your friends is something that will easily turn into a lot of stress when the everyday life is busy with work, hobbies and family business. GameBook makes it easy to stay connected with your golf buddies even if you can only dream of hitting the greens.

With the help of GameBook you are able to follow your friends games no matter where you are. There is also the option to comment on their performances and to cheer them on – not to forget the trash talk.

I will visit new places and play new courses

Who wouldn’t dream of seeing the world and going to places far far away? Every ones in a while we also tend to promises ourselves that we’ll make that dream a reality. And the same goes for golfers. There are plenty of amazing courses all over the world just waiting to be played.

We are constantly expanding the number of courses listed in our database and are happy to say that we’ve been able to cover a big part of the world already. So feel free to travel and use GameBook on a round of golf wherever you are. If for some reason you don’t find a course you are looking for on GameBook you can just give us a notice and we’ll create it for you right a away. Or you can create the course yourself and get playing in no time.

I will play more golf

Plain and simple. And kind of like becoming a better golfer, this is something that majority of golfers promise themselves when a new golf season is coming up. Unfortunately GameBook can’t do the playing for you but we’ve made it as easy, fun and interesting as possible. And if you haven’t had a look at our online services, do it this holiday season. Our Game Manager service comes in handy when you are creating games – especially for bigger groups of players.

If you are using GameBook with an iPhone you can also earn some really cool badges for your achievements, such as the number of rounds you have played. Badges will also be given to you when you have made a certain amount of pars, birdies or eagles. And a badge will naturally also be rewarded for attaining every golfer’s dream – a hole-in-one.

This year we promise to…

And to finalise the list of resolutions we want to promise you all something for next year. The little elves here at GameBook headquarters have been working really hard lately and we are happy to announce that our new multi-round feature will be out in the beginning of next year! This means that you’ll be able play weekend long tournaments with your friends and organize even bigger events than before. As quikly and easily as before.

We’ll follow up with more information soon.

– Johanna
@GolfGameBook on Twitter


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