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Game formats on GameBook, part 3 – Ever heard of these?

In addition to sporting a broad range of different game formats for both team and individual games, the founders of GameBook have developed two formats of their own. Duplicate and Erado are both alterations of or additions to the more traditional game formats. And they were designed to make golf more fun and interesting. Just like GameBook itself.

The founders of GameBook, two PGA professionals and junior golf mentors, Kalle Väinölä and Mikko Manerus (in the picture) had noticed in the numerous Pro-Am events they had played that all the amateur players tend to act in a certain way. On the first tee everyone is excited and ready to go. But if and when they fail to reach desired results on a hole or two the mood suddenly sinks. ”Our goal was to develop game formats that would keep up the good mood from the first tee all the way through the five-hour round”, says Mikko Manerus. ”We’ve also noticed that golfers in general don’t know the different game formats very well. That is why GameBook does all the math for you. All you have to do is choose which format you’d like to play and enjoy the live scoring as you go.”

Erado – Saves you from those catastrophes!


Erado allows you to erase a selected number (up to 4 on an 18-hole round) of bad holes from your total score. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But as always – there’s a catch. The decision to erase must be made before playing the next hole. And the final hole cannot be erased.

Simply put: This is your chance to forget about those one or two catastrophes that tend to turn up on every round. Your Erado strategy will be the key to mastering this game format!


Duplicate – Play well when it matters the most


In Duplicate a random multiplier of 1, 2 or 3 is picked and then applied to the Stableford points earned on each hole. The final hole is always worth double points. This means that you can either earn or loose a whole lot of points on just one hole and change the direction your game is headed.

Try it out! You can also use Duplicate in a scramble and GameBook calculates the scores for you.


This sums up the various game formats available on GameBook at the moment. The next one coming up in the near future will be the much asked for match play. The previous parts of our game formats series presented individual game formats and game formats for teams.


– Johanna

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