December 1, 2016 - Golf GameBook

Meet our Ambassadors: Florida

It’s time to introduce one more of our Ambassadors. This time we are traveling to Florida to get to know Henrik, a Finnish College Golfer at Florida Tech. Henrik hit his first ever golf shot in Mijas, Spain at the age of three. It did, however, take him a couple more years before he played his first round of golf in Hyvinkää, Finland at the age of sever. Thinking about this round brings a smile to Henrik’s face. On his first golf round, Henrik shot 125 shots off the red tees. Everyone must start somewhere! 😉

In addition to being a passionate golfer, Henrik loves exploring the world – visiting new countries and learning about foreign cultures. He also enjoys winter sports, such as skiing.

And finally, ever since my early adolescence l’ve been a big fan of rock and metal music. The last few years that I’ve spent in the U.S. have turned me into a country boy as well.

We asked Henrik how he had first heard of Golf GameBook. He told us that it became a big thing at his home club when the app was launched. Many of Henrik’s golfing friends told him about it.

I downloaded it almost instantly after I got my first iPhone and enjoyed it from the very beginning.


Henrik’s favorite golf club used to be his driver, but during the last couple of years he’s struggled with ballstriking and he has had to learn other ways to score a decent score. That is why putting has become the best part of his game.

The Ping Anser that I have in my golf bag has definitely become my favorite golf club.


Henrik has had the privilege to play many beautiful courses around the planet, and there are a couple amongst them that deserve a special mention. These courses are: The National Golf Links of America (New York), Yas Links (United Arab Emirates), Carnoustie (Scotland), Vestmanneyjar (Iceland) and Kytäjä Golf South East (Finland).

We asked Henrik who his favorite golfer is. He told us that it’s tough to name just one. Henrik admires Ernie Els because of his golf swing. Henrik also adores Henrik Stenson for his consistency and sense of humor. In addition, he respects Tiger’s scoring ability when he was at his best.


Ernie Els and Tiger Woods are two of Henrik’s favorite golfers.

– Susanna

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