March 21, 2018 - Golf GameBook

Finnish Golf Union partners with Golf GameBook

HELSINKI, FINLAND March 21, 2018 –The Finnish Golf Union has taken a major step towards digitizing its customer offering by signing a multi-year strategic partnership with golf tech frontrunner Golf GameBook. The objective of the cooperation is to pave the road towards a holistic digital ecosystem for the Finnish golf market within 2018, which will include the renewal of the Golf Union eBirdie mobile membership card application.

The World Handicap System, which will come into effect in 2020, will connect an estimated 60 million golfers worldwide under a unified handicap system. This reform poses significant challenges for the digital services required within the golf industry. International governing organizations have identified digitalization as one of the cornerstones in growing the game. The Finnish Golf Union wants to be at the forefront of this global transition.

“The Golf Union’s information services and the eBirdie mobile application need further development and renewal. This is why we wanted to join forces with Golf GameBook, a leading global golf tech company. Through our partnership we will provide Finnish golfers and golf clubs with reliable services that also leverage the latest technology” – says Hanna Hartikainen, Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Golf Union.

“The re-development of the eBirdie app starts this spring, and the renewed app will be available during the summer of 2018. This will allow golfers to automatically update their handicaps from the GameBook app to eBirdie as well as to all respective golf club systems. Our strategic partnership will also ensure that we are ready to make a smooth transition to the World Handicap System at the beginning of 2020.”

“It’s great that the Finnish Golf Union wants to be a forerunner in digital service development” – adds Mikko Manerus, CEO and Founder of Golf GameBook.

“Strategic partnerships like this enable us to co-create services that enhance the overall golfing experience and serve as an important vehicle to growing the game of golf.”

In addition to the digital scorecard and real-time leaderboards, Finland based Golf GameBook provides a wide range of features designed to make the overall playing experience more enjoyable. GameBook has over 570,000 registered users across more than 200 countries. The app can be downloaded through the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

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