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Enjoy your golf even more – checklist for better season

As we all know the wait for the season can feel brutally long and almost never-ending during the off-season. At the Golf GameBook’s office we are also looking forward to the beginning of the season. Preparing for the upcoming season has begun, swing tips have been changed and plans for game development have been made.

We hope you have been able to study your personal statistics available on our app – and maybe even compare these stats to each handicap group shown in our previous blog post.

We would also like to remind that the Gold Membership’s premium statistics would be a great addition to every golfer’s toolbox on a road to achieve your potential as a golfer.

When the courses eventually open, usually we have forgotten a thing or two, which would have been beneficial for the first rounds’ performance and enjoyment. Because of this reoccurring phenomenon we wanted to gather a checklist, which would help you to begin the season from the best possible starting point. After refilling your tee and golf ball supply, checking the condition of your golf shoes and renewing your golf club membership, we suggest you to follow these simple steps to make you and your equipment as prepared as possible.

Regripping your golf set is a wonderful way to make your trusted golf clubs feel like new ones. This is the only connection you have to your club while hitting the ball, but still the condition of grips is one of the most overlooked detail regarding the golf set.

We would highly suggest changing the grips for the whole set at the same time – even if you had changed a new grip to your driver last season. This makes the set feel complete and the transitions between the shots and clubs less drastic.

One more thing worthy of mentioning is to pay attention to the size of the grips. Although the standard size is a good fit for most of the players, it’s not the only available option and for a good reason. This could be the reason causing you to grip the golf club incorrectly and therefore prevent you from evolving your game to the new level – in worst cases this can even cause injuries.

Checking the lie and loft angles in your irons and wedges is also highly suggested as the golf clubs tend to bend during the years of wear. This can also be seen as a great opportunity to get the golf set readjusted to your current needs. If you own a forged iron set, this is an easy job for a qualified club fitter. This could end up being the best decision you’ve made in a long time. Lofts affect the capping between clubs, so rechecking the lofts helps you to commit to your yardages. Correct lie angles make the turf interactions much more solid and predictable, but also help you to get to the best possible posture for your individual body type.

When your golf set is ready it’s time to think about the challenges which we encounter in the spring weather. Tuning in for the weather forecast is a good way to get an educated idea of what is waiting up ahead. As we know, weather can be a quite disturbing factor during the spring games and preparing for the possible strong wind and cold and rain by dressing up properly could help you to start your season with a positive note.

Layered clothing is the best choice, because it enables you to easily alter the wear according the weather changes. We also suggest that you pack in some rain gear, mittens and a beanie. Even if the expected weather would indicate you to dress in shorts.

Hopefully this has been helpful for you to get geared up properly for the upcoming games and tournaments with Golf GameBook. It’s time to take your golf experience to a new level during the next season!

Writer Joonas Jussila works at the Golf GameBook’s Customer support.

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