December 21, 2018 - Golf GameBook

Your golf year in review – How statistics can improve your game

Dear Golf GameBook Members,

The wonderful golf season 2018 is coming to an end and we hope you have enjoyed your rounds with Golf GameBook. In 2019 we want to take your golf experience to the next level and our tech team is working hard on new features.

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, we have been analyzing our database for some statistical gifts for you to review and improve your game. For this blog post we have gathered average values of the most important statistics from every handicap group. Without further delay, we would love to invite you to sit back, relax and compare what parts of your game need some readjusting to take your game to the next level. Accompanying the experience with your favorite beverage of choice is highly suggested.


We encourage you to open your own statistics view from the application to get the most out of these intriguing averages. If you haven’t been using statistic on Golf GameBook, we strongly recommend to try them out next year.


We recommend you compare the differences between your own statistics and the average statistics for both your current and closest handicap groups. This can be used to re-design your game, but also to keep up-to-date on how the improvements are settling in during the next season.


As you notice, the biggest differences can be seen with green hits percentages. What also caught our attention was the average amount of putts used per hole and rounds. Naturally you have to take into consideration that even though the fairway hits percentages are fairly similar in each HCP group, there can be huge differences in the driving distances. This has a significant effect on green hits percentages.



To sum it all up, even if you are not trying to enhance your game during the off-season by concentrating on improving your golf techniques, in the light of these statistics, you could scrape off shots from your scorecard by focusing on your game strategy. Hitting more greens and taking less putts is guaranteed to take your game to unseen heights 😉 We hope you are as motivated as we are to improve your game. Go ahead and share your stats also with your PGA professional!

Have a wonderful holiday season and successful golf year 2019!

Golf GameBook Team

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