March 28, 2023 - Golf GameBook

Try the Gold Membership for 2 weeks for free!

The golf season 2023 is about to get started – how exciting is that? As you may have heard, we have made a lot of upgrades in the Gold Membership as well as in the Golf GameBook app itself during this winter. 

Golf GameBook Gold Membership is significantly upgraded for the season 2023. On and Off course experiences have improved a lot, and now the Gold Membership offers better value to all kinds of golfers. You might identify yourself as a bit of a golf nerd who enjoys diving deep into statistics and constantly looking for ways to improve your game. Or are you a social butterfly who just LOVES to play with friends and always plans for the next buddy tournament? Whichever the case, Gold Membership provides interesting features for everyone.

Gold experience for everyone

If you have recently opened the app and haven’t subscribed for the Gold Membership you have probably seen this button:

By tapping the button, you can activate your two-week free Gold Membership trial without having to commit to anything – no credit card required. We want everyone to have a chance to experience the benefits of Gold membership before making the decision to subscribe. And if you have used the regular free trial already in the past, we have good news: you can still activate the two-week free trial.

That being said, with the free trial everyone gets to try out ALL the Gold features without any limitations. And you can choose to use it anytime you like. Let’s take a quick look at what features the Gold Membership includes: 

  • Enjoy the ad-free experience
  • Add your friends and other GGB users (including free users) to your round
  • Choose from 20 different game formats as primary and side game
  • Spice up your game with contests like Closest to the pin and Longest drive
  • Go under the radar and play private games
  • Add more groups to your game to organize bigger games for buddy groups
  • Collect statistics from your rounds
  • How far is the hazard? Stop guessing and measure distances and shots with our GPS Rangefinder
  • Play HCP rounds and follow your HCP history (available in Finland and Sweden only)
  • Get access to the new GGB Gold Shop
  • Enjoy exclusive offers and benefits from many golf clubs, golf resorts, brands, etc. in the Nordics

We will be releasing some much-requested features for our Gold Members during the season start, so there’s much to look for this spring. Go on and activate your free two-week Gold Membership trial!

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