world record
world record
October 17, 2023 - Golf GameBook

The RGV Tour 2.0: From A Dream to A New World Record

Patrick Koenig’s Remarkable Journey Through 450 Golf Courses

At the beginning of this year, the idea that one person could play 450 different 18-hole golf courses in a single year sounded far-fetched, if not downright impossible. Yet, with 2.5 months left in the attempt, we get to witness history in the making. 

Patrick Koenig, the man with a mission, has set a new world record! On this remarkable day, October 17th 2023, the record breaking round was played at Omni Interlocken Golf Club in Colorado. 

The RGV Tour 2.0 is a journey that has seen Patrick traverse the States –  and the Nordics – from iconic golf courses to hidden gems. But the story doesn’t stop at 450 courses.

For Patrick Koenig, this endeavour is more than just a personal quest. It’s a testament to what can be achieved with determination, dedication, and a dash of insanity. Let’s delve into the story of his remarkable journey.

The Journey Begins

Patrick Koenig’s journey began with a simple idea: playing at least 450 different 18-hole golf courses in a year. This would be overwhelming for most people, but Patrick saw it as an opportunity to push his limits and achieve something that was missing from his first RGV Tour. With golf as his passion and profession, he was determined to get the wheels spinning again at some point.

Meanwhile, at the Golf GameBook headquarters in Finland, the word of a fantastic golf photographer, Patrick Koenig, spread. Knowing he had carried out the first RGV Tour, Golf GameBook’s and Patrick’s paths crossed. Well, to be more precise, it took only one phone call and like-minded people putting their heads together – and so, the RGV Tour 2.0 was born.

Beyond the Records

The RGV Tour 2.0 is more than just the records; it’s about celebrating the shared passion for golf and giving back to the community.

Raising money for a worthy cause is in the DNA of The RGV Tour. That’s why, at the end of The RGV Tour 2.0, the goal is to present a check for $100,000 for The First Tee of Greater Seattle.

The First Tee of Greater Seattle is a youth development organisation. They positively influence the lives of young people by building character and teaching life-enhancing values and healthy choices through the game of golf. The earlier in life these lessons are adopted, the more likely they are to last a lifetime.

The Countdown to an Unbreakable Record

What makes Patrick’s journey extraordinary is that the golf community worldwide has the opportunity to witness it. 

His social media accounts and Golf GameBook app have become essential platforms for fellow golfers and fans to witness his world record attempt. On Golf GameBook, his followers can keep up with his latest rounds, view stunning photos from the courses, and even engage with Patrick himself.

As the year draws to a close, Patrick Koenig is inching closer to his ambitious goal of 500 courses. With 50 more rounds to play, he stands on the brink of setting history with an (almost) unbreakable record. Can he make it? The better question would be if he will stop at 500.

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