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Hole Statistics

“Putting is like wisdom – partly a natural gift and partly the accumulation of experience.” 
-Arnold Palmer

Dear Golf GameBook members, we are extremely happy to introduce you to our new Gold Feature: Hole statistics!

Wisdom indeed comes from a combination of natural gift, but also past experience (and data) that can help you make informed decisions in situations where it matters most. Your Golf GameBook application holds a wealth of data that can help you navigate the waters across any given golf hole. Instead of always taking your driver along to the tee box, let this new feature help you create a perfect plan of attack that can lower your scores and give you bragging rights at the club house.

Say goodbye to your old school spreadsheets and let Golf GameBook take your golf-nerdiness to new heights!


Hole specific statistics enable you to get detailed information on what golf holes have been kindest to you and which ones tend to wreak havoc to your game. Just don’t shoot the messenger.

The stats displayed are similar to those in your profile, with one very important distinction: the stats are now hole specific and customized to your personal profile.

Average shots and To Par shows quickly how you usually perform. Your hole HCP is just like the normal hole hcp rating, except this time it’s all customized for you personally! It looks back to your playing history and reveals which holes are really the easiest and hardest for you. Season best shows your best result from the on-going calendar year and Rounds indicates the total amount of times you have played that hole (only rounds that are stats-compatible will be shown).

Notice: On the top yellow bar you will always see the Par value, Hole number and official HCP rating for that hole. Even when the Hole statistics -screen is closed.

At the bottom part you will find Fairway hit, Green hit, Putting and Scoring averages in the same familiar fashion as in your profile. Only now these are also being custom crafted for each hole specifically. These graphs will tell you the straight up facts and most likely reveal some dirty secrets on how you typically play that hole. This gives you a great opportunity to analyze your game plan and figure out what’s the easiest way to scratch away a shot or two from each hole. The numbers below the graphs shows how big of difference for example a fairway hit can have to your eventual score.

While playing, you can easily access the Hole statistics as shown in the image above. It allows you to quickly check your strategy while walking to the next tee box.

The Hole statistics have been fully integrated with both your Golf GameBook digital scorecard, as well as the Courses section, which combined with our GPS maps provides you the ultimate tool for planning your game within the app. In other words, you can use this feature for planning your next game, or use it as our secret weapon whilst you’re on the golf course.

Here’s how you can find the Courses section:

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