February 19, 2015 - Golf GameBook

Game Manager got a light facelift

We have done a light facelift on our tournament creation tool Game Manager. It’s been brought visually a bit closer to the GameBook family and the “Apple look and feel” GameBook is known for.

In the process, we have done some functional fixes, which have made Game Manager significantly faster and more reliable.

In addition, two key features, Hidden Holes and Excel import of players, which were previously offered only in the Game Manager Pro version, are now available for all users.

The next step in the development process of Game Manager is building a new ad management tool, which enables ad management both on the web leaderboards and the application. The ad management tool is a paid feature and it’s estimated to be published in April.

You can use the new Game Manager by logging in at www.golfgamebook.com and choosing Game Manager on the header menu.

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