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Top 10 Golf Courses In Sweden

The golf season is finally underway here in the Nordics! We are therefore taking a closer look at the top 10 golf courses that are our users’ favorites in Sweden.

In Golf GameBook, users have the opportunity to leave course reviews. Why not take advantage of your fellow golfers’ tips, save these courses on your Bucket List in Golf GameBook, and play through the courses during the summer?

NOTE! Only courses with at least 230 reviews were considered in the listing.

Top 10 courses in Sweden are located around Stockholm and in the south.

1. Bro Hof Slott Golf Club, The Castle Course

Bro, Sweden | 4.8 Stars | 431 reviews | Website

At the top of the list are two of Europe’s best courses, located at Bro Hof Slott Golf Club, less than an hour’s drive from Stockholm. With a narrow win from Bro Hof Slotts’ second course, The Castle Course takes the first place according to our users. Besides being one of the best courses in Europe, The Castle Course is also ranked as one of the best golf courses in Sweden.

Photo: Golf GameBook

Strategically placed playable waste areas characterize the course. Bro Hof Slott Golf Club also has one of the best practice areas in Europe. The club facilities are of the highest class, with both a pro shop and a restaurant, and all this contributes to a memorable golf experience here.

Our users give the club facilities the highest rating, 4.9/5, and the service and condition of the course also get top marks, 4.8/5. The value for money here is considered good according to our users, 4.7/5.


“As usual for this lovely place for golf – you will not be disappointed, thank you for having Bro Hof ⛳️

2. Bro Hof Slott Golf Club, The Stadium Course

Bro, Sweden | 4.8 Stars | 481 reviews | Website

In second place is Bro Hof Slott Golf Club’s other course, The Stadium Course, a lakeside course beautifully situated on Lake Mälaren. The course has been ranked Sweden’s best since its opening in 2007. The course is suitable for all kinds of players. Depending on which tee you choose to play from, the difficulty gradually increases until the black tee, which challenges even professional players.

The scores users give this course are identical to Bro Hof Slott Golf Club’s The Castle Course, except for the value for money, which is slightly different for The Stadium Course; users give the score of 4.6/5.

At Bro Hof Slott Golf Club, a total of 22,200 rounds were played with Golf GameBook in 2022. 

“Top notch!”

“Best course in Sweden, fantastic experience! Will definitely come back.”

3. Ombergs Golf Club

Ödeshög, Sweden | 4.7 Stars | 387 reviews | Website

Just under an hour’s drive outside Linköping is Ombergs Golf Club, which our users have ranked as the third-best course in Sweden. Varying natural landscapes dominate the beautifully situated course on Lake Vättern. Next to the course, there is also a hotel and conference facility, a gym and relaxation area, and a restaurant.

Photo: Ombergs Golfklubb

In the reviews, users praise almost everything about the course, from the condition of the course to the staff and the restaurant. This is also reflected in the rating where users gave the condition of the course the highest rating of 4.8/5. The other areas, club facilities, value for money, and service, all score 4.7/5. Golf GameBook was frequently used at Ombergs Golf Club in 2022; a total of 5,200 rounds were played with Golf GameBook.

“Such a nice course, nice staff and great food.”

“Wonderful everything!!! Nice staff, good food, wonderful course (both in terms of play and quality) and overall 11/10!”

4. Halmstad Golf Club, Norra banan

Halmstad, Sweden | 4.7 Stars | 266 reviews | Website

In fourth place is the Norra banan at Halmstad Golf Club, located just outside Halmstad. This course also offers a nature experience. The location near the sea also has a certain impact on the course conditions and, thus also, on the game.

Photo: Halmstad Golfklubb

The users give the club facilities a rating of 4.8/5. Both the condition of the course and the service receive 4.7/5, and the users consider the value for money to be worth 4.5/5 at this course. Last year, Golf GameBook was used during 1,500 rounds at Halmstads Golfklubb.


“World class 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

5. Ullna Golf & Country Club

Åkersberga, Sweden | 4.7 Stars | 237 reviews | Website

Ullna Golf & Country Club is located just outside of Stockholm. Like many of the courses mentioned here, Ullna is one of Sweden’s best golf courses but also one of the more challenging. Here, precision and strategy are required to secure a good score, as each hole offers the player a challenge.

Photo: Ullna Golf & Country Club/Peter Cordén

At the club, it is possible to organize corporate events or parties, and there is also an award-winning restaurant. Why not round off your round of golf with a padel match on one of the outdoor courts adjacent to the clubhouse?

Users give the condition of the course 4.8/5 points, while the club facilities and services score 4.7/5 points. Value for money is scored with 4.5/5 points. At Ullna Golf, 4,300 rounds were played with Golf GameBook in 2022.

“Ullna promises a lot and also delivers exactly that. Wonderful course!”

6. Kristianstads Golfklubb, East Course

Åhus, Sweden | 4.7 Stars | 248 reviews | Website

The East Course at Kristianstads Golf Club is nationally ranked as the third-best course in Sweden. The club is located just a short drive outside Kristianstad. The course is a forest course that is varied with heathland. There are accommodation facilities adjacent to the course, and it is also possible to buy package solutions if you want to combine golf with accommodation.

Photo: Kristianstads Golfklubb

Kristianstads Golf Club also has good training and practice opportunities; you can take both lessons and courses, test clubs in the fitting center, or ask for help in the workshop if your equipment needs repair.

The condition of the course gets almost top marks from our users, 4.8/5. They feel that you get good value for money here, 4.7/5. The service gets a score of 4.6/5, and the club facilities are 4.5/5. Just over 8,000 rounds were played with Golf GameBook at Kristianstad Golf Club in 2022.

“One of, if not the best golf facility in Sweden!”

“A completely unique experience on all levels! Must be experienced!”

7. Frösåker Golf & Country Club, Stora banan

Västerås, Sweden | 4.7 Stars | 290 reviews | Website

A little outside of Västerås is Frösåker Golf & Country Club and their Stora Course, which comes in at seventh place. The course combines park, forest, and seaside courses, so a nice variety is guaranteed. Frösåker also has a hotel and spa directly adjacent to the clubhouse. You can enjoy a good meal in the restaurant or relax on the roof terrace after your round.

Photo: Frösåker Golfklubb

The value for money and service gets 4.6/5 points. Our users give the condition of the course and club facilities 4.7/5 points. Golf GameBook was used during 7,400 rounds at Frösåker last year.

“Incredibly fun course and an extremely nice welcome!”


8. Hills Golf & Sports Club

Mölndal, Sweden | 4.6 Stars | 413 reviews | Website

Just outside Gothenburg is Hills Golf & Sports Club. The course is challenging even for the skilled golfer, but it is undulating and beautiful. Here, some of the users recommend renting a golf car because of the long holes and some height differences. After the round, you can enjoy a bite at the restaurant.

Photo: Hills Golf & Sports Club

The club facilities win according to our users with 4.8/5 points. The service is also at the top with 4.7/5 points. Our users rated the course condition 4.6/5, and value for money scores 4.4/5. 13,700 rounds were played with Golf GameBook at Hills Golf & Sports Club last year.

“World class.”

“Best on the West Coast!”

9. Österåkers Golfklubb, Öster by Stenston

Åkersberga, Sweden | 4.6 Stars | 412 reviews | Website

Just over half an hour outside Stockholm is Österåkers Golfklubb. There are three courses in Österåker, of which the Öster by Stenson course is ranked ninth on this list and nationally as the 8th best in Sweden. The course is a parkland course whose design is inspired by the iconic TPC Sawgrass in Florida. It’s high risk but high reward; how do you choose to play? The club offers good training opportunities and has a restaurant, pro shop, custom fitting, and padel courts.

Photo: Österåkers Golfklubb

Our users rank the club facilities highest, with 4.7/5 points. The course’s service and conditions get 4.6/5 points, and the value for money is 4.4/5. At Österåkers Golfklubb, more than 12,500 rounds were played with Golf GameBook in 2022.

Fantastic course and facility 😍

10. Kungliga Drottningholms Golfklubb

Drottningholm, Sweden | 4.6 Stars | 253 reviews | Website

Adjacent to Drottningholm Palace outside of Stockholm is the Kungliga Drottningholms Golfklubb. Our users have ranked it as the tenth-best course in Sweden. The course is located on royal land surrounded by beautiful scenery. So you can expect an enjoyable round. There are also organized programs and training for both juniors and adults. The course also serves a restaurant in case you are hungry after your round.

Photo: Kungliga Drottningholms Golfklubb

Our users have rated the club facilities and the condition of the course with 4.6/5 points and the service and value for money with 4.5/5 points. At Royal Drottningholm Golf Club, more than 5,700 rounds were played on Golf GameBook last year.

“The course is in very good condition and feels really premium.”

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