The RGV Tour 2.0 Podcast
The RGV Tour 2.0 Podcast
March 17, 2023 - Golf GameBook

The RGV Tour 2.0 Podcast

Welcome to The RGV Tour 2.0 Podcast!

Everything on version 2.0 has gotten an upgrade. The RGV has jumped from Class C to Class A. The number of golf courses and even gas prices are going up. The plan is so bold that in 2023 Patrick will do what no one has done in the history of time. He will play 500 golf courses in a single year. Jonathan and Cathie Weaver currently hold the record for 449 different 18-hole golf courses played in 365 days. But now, after 13 years, it is time for them to be dethroned.

Once again, Patrick will be raising money for the First Tee of Greater Seattle as well as various other charities around the nation.

Episode 1:

In the first episode of The RGV Tour 2.0 podcast, Patrick Koenig answers a series of burning questions about his ambitious endeavor. Listeners can hear his thoughts on a range of topics. Will this result in a new Guinness World Record or not? What are his concerns about possible injuries? Is he completely crazy to have even set out to set the record in the first place? This podcast is sure to provide valuable insights into Patrick’s journey, leaving listeners feeling inspired and informed.

Listen to the first episode here!

Episode 2:

After a rousing good match with Paige Spiranac at The Phoenician, Patrick and Paige sit down in The RGV to chat about all things golf.

Listen to the second episode here!

Episode 3:

PGA Tour veteran Len Mattiace joins The RGV Tour 2.0 podcast after an exciting day of 36 holes at TPC Sawgrass. From Tiger to Lanny Wadkins – Len has stories on top of stories. This is one seriously fun conversation from the parking lot of TPC Sawgrass. Sit back and get ready to be inspired!

Listen to the third episode here!

Episode 4:

After a round at Mangrove Bay, Patrick and Chelsea Pezzola sat down in the RGV to talk about hot dogs and take a walk down the memory lane. You can also expect a round of speed golf, in the RGV Tour style.

Listen to the 4th episode here!

Episode 5:

Ashley Mayo is much more than just the Chief Brand Officer for 8am Golf… she is a mother, a leader, and a role model for females in the golf world. She sits down in The RGV to give us a glimpse into how she does it. Warning: Episode includes the greatest love story in the modern golf era and a rousing round of Speed Golf.

Listen to the 5th episode here!

Episode 6:

I sit down with Member for a Day founder, Eric Sedransk in the parking lot of Palmetto Hall and answer all of your questions.

Listen to the 6th episode here!

Episode 7:

After qualifying for the US Am. @shanebacon sat down in the RGV to answer these 2 burning questions and more….

Listen to the 7th episode here!

Episode 8:

New York Times best selling author, Tom Coyne has bought a golf course. Patrick challenged him to a golf duel and they sat down to discuss the state of the golf situation.

Listen to the 8th episode here!

Episode 9:

Rachel Alcone and Patrick Koenig hop in the Recreational Golf Vehicle for one last conversation. All questions are answered and the tour comes to a close.

Listen to the 9th episode here!

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